Los Roques, Venezuela

The Los Roques Archipelago National Park, situated in the Caribbean Sea 176 km north of Caracas,
is one of the largest Marine Parks in the Caribbean with exceptional views
of white sand with multicolored, warm & crystal clear water with an immense wealth of natural resources.


The Los Roques Archipelago has a surface area of 221,120 hectares (546,000 acres)
& consists of 300 small islands, cays & sand banks together with countless coral reefs
that make up a ring around a central shallow water lagoon containing mangroves & coral formations.

The archipelago was formed by coral growth on a rocky undersea plateau that started after the last ice age.
The Island of Gran Roque has the only plant growth & here the permanent population
of the archipelago grew starting in the year 1910.

The inhabitants of Los Roques, around 1500, support themselves by fishing
for lobsters, shell fish & fish natural to these tropical waters.
In addition they have started to work in public service activities
&, more and more, in the growing tourism industry.



The archipelago was declared a National Park on August 9, 1972
for it's extraordinary natural resources & scenic views.
Thanks to this declaration the conservation of this ecosystem of the Park is guaranteed.
The tourist activity is regulated & the number of visitors is limited.
Only a small number of posadas were allowed to be built & they must maintain
the architecture typical of the islands & costal areas of the eastern part of Venezuela.



After a short flight from Maiquetia (Caracas) or Porlamar (Margarita Island)
you land in Gran Roque.


On arrival our personnel will welcome you.
You will immediately board one of our boats for a tour of the spectacular archipelago.
During the course of the day you will visit one or two cays where you can enjoy
the fabulous white sand beach and the crystal clear waters.

From there, for those that want to, you will be transported to some of the
multicolored coral reefs that surround the cays to enjoy some snorkeling.
Later in the early afternoon a lunch will be served.


After lunch you will be taken to another cay to further enjoy the wonders of the area.
Later in the afternoon you will return to Gran Roque
where the Day Tour passengers will take their return flight.

Contact us for further details:

Telfax: (0058-295) 249-0913 or 249-1165 or (0058-416) 695-5753


Depending on your needs we will organize stays in our posadas
for 24 hours, 2 days 1 night, 48 hours, 3 days 2 nights and additional nights.

We have at our disposal beautiful sailboats in which you can enjoy really memorable stays.
We can combine your stay with some days in a sailboat & other days in a sailboat.

In the town of Gran Roque we offer posadas with
double, triple & quadruple rooms with private bathrooms

During your stay the guest can go to different cays in the tourist boats to
explore the impressive marine & undersea views of the archipelago

We also offer stays in posadas close to the sea & with all the comforts.


Posadas Standard
with air conditioning
Posadas Superior
with air conditioning
Posadas De Luxe
with air conditioning
Posada Doña Carmen Posada La Guigua  Posada Albacora
Posada Gremary Posada Guaripete Posada Arrecife
Posada Del Recuerdo Posada Caballito de Mar Posada Gaviota
Posada Juanfel Posada Mediterraneo Posada Natura Viva
Posada Ranchito Power    

We offer multiple options for accommodations - posadas, sailboats, etc.
depending on the requirements of our clients

Contact us for further details:
Telfax: (0058-295) 249-0913 or 249-1165 or (0058-416) 695-5753


You can arrange tours to the most interesting scuba areas in the archipelago.


Our Scuba Center located in GRAN ROQUE offers daily excursions
to the most spectacular coral reefs of Los Roques.

We offer trips with one or two dives daily.
We also offer courses for those who are uncertified & certification courses.

Contact us for further details:
Telfax: (0058-295) 249-0913 or 249-1165 or (0058-416) 695-5753



Los Roques is one of the most important areas in the world for BONE FISHING.
The fish are also plentiful with trolling & bottom fishing with varied species
(shark, sword fish, barracuda, wahoo, grouper, red snapper among others).
The excursions leave from Gran Roque in peñeros (traditional local fishing boats).

Contact us for further details:
Telfax: (0058-295) 249-0913 or 249-1165 or (0058-416) 695-5753


promotions y packages for kite surfers


Contact us for further details:
Telfax: (0058-295) 249-0913 or 249-1165 or (0058-416) 695-5753


We have the experience & capacity to reserve, sell & confirm your airline tickets
in regular flights and in different combinations to arrive & depart from Los Roques to suit your needs.

We can organize your flight in the following combinations:

    Margarita – Los Roques

    Los Roques – Margarita
    Caracas – Los Roques

    Los Roques – Margarita
     Caracas – Los Roques

    Los Roques - Caracas
    Margarita – Los Roques

    Los Roques - Caracas

    Contact us for further details:

    Telfax: (0058-295) 249-0913 or 249-1165 or (0058-416) 695-5753

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