Laguna La Restinga
National Park
Margarita Island, Venezuela

One of the most popular attractions on Margarita Island / Isla Margarita is Laguna La Restinga. Located just before the bridge that goes to Peninsula Macanao this is a large lagoon filled with mangroves, oysters, sea horses, fish and many birds. You can hire a boat for either a basic 30 minute tour or a 60 minute tour that includes many areas just recently opened.
The longer tour is well worth the extra time. The beach on the other hand is iffy. It's covered in stones and our experience over the years has been that the restaurants there take advantage of their location in the middle of nowhere and have high prices. We have not been there in a few years so maybe this has changed. Our suggestion is after the tour go out to Punta Arenas and have lunch at one of the small restaurants out there - a much nicer atmosphere.

Here are the latest prices (Dec. 2012): the price of the full tour (60 minutes) with a stop at the beach was Bs.200 (around US$16) for a boat that holds up to 4 people. The half hour tour with no beach is Bs.150 (US$12) & the half hour tour with a stop at the beach is Bs.170 (around US$13). Our boat driver, Luciano, pictured below was extremely informative and helpful. He showed us live seahorses and explained that it is the male seahorse that has the babies (true). On one of the pictures below you see a pregnant seahorse.







We hope you enjoyed our tour of Macanao.
Dan O'Brien

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